What is Fixed Hybrid Denture

What is Fixed Hybrid Denture?

The fixed hybrid denture is one of the best options for patients who miss all their teeth and want something to have a similar look and feel of natural teeth. It’s also an implant restoration that’s fixed into place and can’t be removed by the patient. It can only be taken out by the doctor if needed. It’s an undoubtedly impressive solution, perfect for people who don’t want to take a denture in and out of their mouths.

A hybrid denture prosthesis is the most practical way to replace a full arch of missing teeth. This method utilizes an entire prosthetic that is placed permanently. Four or more implants are attached in the upper and lower jaw. A denture with a screw-retained attachment is inserted over the implants. It is fixed tightly into the place that only a dental professional can remove. It is called an All-on-4. Dental Implants are the most common and highly recommended hybrid treatment. It allows the balance on the implants, and the function of the denture and implants provide optimal results for the individual. Implants in the jaw bone help maintain the bone level, prevent loss of the facial structure, and supports a stable base for chewing and speaking.

A hybrid denture procedure begins with a series of records taken at our office and a pre-surgical visit. The pre-surgical consultation includes a thorough review of the patient’s medical history; treatment needs should be discussed thoroughly to the patient and surgery recommendations. When the surgery takes place, and you’ll have a brand new beautiful smile!

What Are Hybrid Implant Dentures?

If you’re missing your teeth, several tooth replacement options may benefit you. Dental implants are widely considered the perfect tooth replacement option, but the price is prohibitive for a few patients. Hybrid implant dentures are the best option for replacing full rows of teeth that are amazingly affordable. That’s why many patients are availing it.

As the name implies, hybrid implant dentures encompass dentures that are fixed onto implants. Hybrid implant dentures are like regular dentures; use a full set of high-quality prosthetics to exchange complete teeth—a set of 4 dental implants – titanium posts that attached to your jaw. The dental implants hold a titanium or gold bar that anchors with acrylic teeth. The bar is permanently placed in one area so your dentures won’t move around, and it will only be removed by a dental professional.

Cleaning and maintenance are easy. Whether dentures, dental implants, or hybrid implant dentures are selected, you’ll have to keep your new teeth clean and beautiful. Permanent dentures need not be removed and should be cleaned on a nightly basis. In contrast, dental implants and hybrids will be cleaned using the identical method you’d use together with your natural teeth. Although dental implants are costly and time-consuming to repair or replace, a broken hybrid denture is repaired easily. The sole difficulty in fixing a broken hybrid denture is replacing the titanium bar – but bar replacements have a high success rate.

A hybrid implant denture may be a highly effective thanks to replacing lost teeth, notably if you’re missing several teeth. And with a superb oral hygiene routine, you’ll be able to keep your hybrid implant dentures healthy for years. A hybrid denture resolves the problem by replacing the gum tissue with acrylic between the teeth to allow the teeth to be of average size and appearance.


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