Types of Dental Crowns & Cost

Types of Dental Crowns & Cost

After detailed examination, study and recommendation. You now decided to get Dental Crowns to bring your gorgeous smile back. The question may ponder next is what type of dental crowns should you be availing and how much will it cost you? In this article, we will help you identify all the different types of Dental Crowns and their costs.

  1. Full Porcelain Crown
    A Porcelain crown or ceramic crown is well-crafted to give seamless effect blending the natural teeth. This is a best option for patients who have allergies in metal. It matches the surrounding of teeth in shape, color and size. It is good for restoring front and back teeth. It’s comfortable and a popular procedure to most who have damaged teeth. This can last long with proper oral care.

  2. Full Metal Crown
    A metal crown use of base metal or gold alloys specifically like cobalt, chromium and nickel. It is one of the strongest crown for it can withstand chewing or biting well and it’s rarely to break or chip off. They are best restoration solution for molars. It is very durable, it requires little filing, best option for patients who grind, clench and with strong chewing forces. Best in restoring back teeth.

  3. Porcelain-fused-to-metal
    A porcelain fused to metal gives a stronger bond than the regular ones. This is exceptionally durable, can be matched just like your natural teeth, it can sustain full force of biting or chewing and this option is good for any part of the mouth and it can last for a very long time with proper oral hygiene. It’s a perfect choice in restoring front and back teeth and supporting long bridges as well.

  4. Gold Alloys
    A type of crown that is made of gold. Just like full metal crown, it can also withstand strong forces of biting or chewing, for patients who clench, grind at their sleep. It’s long-lasting, it doesn’t easily breaks and chips. This are use to restore premolars and molars. Gold alloys are typically popularized by well-known rappers in the U.S. This is not recommended to patients who have allergies in nickel. Make sure to always inform your trusted dental partner for any possible conflicts of the procedures to avoid any reaction.

  5. All Resin Crowns
    Resin Crowns are made from composite material, its is custom made inside the laboratory, it is less expensive type of crown and it’s good for patient’s who are in a budget. It’s best for restoring the frontal teeth.

  6. E-max Crown
    E-max crown is made of lithium disilicate. This is the most recent type of crown in the cosmetic dentistry. Price is more expensive than ceramic. It is very durable,easy to wear and very strong. This type of crown can either be chosen in restoring front or back teeth.

How much is the average cost of Dental Crowns?

All dental crowns are with value depending on the allotted budget that you have in restoring you beautiful smile. Prices may definitely vary depending on the type of material used for crowns. Here in the Philippines, the estimated price is Php 10,000 – Php 30,000 or more depending on the case and chosen type of crown. Remember to ask your dental professional and consider payment terms that are more convenient for you.


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