Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Every person has different dental conditions, options, and choices for cosmetic dental work. Since cosmetic dentistry is in demand, we would like to give you an overview of the different Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures that will resolve your unwanted dental issues and transform it into a head-turner beautiful smile that everyone will adore.

Here are the types of Cosmetic Procedures:

  1. Dental Implants
    Missing tooth? No problem! Dental Implant is one of the best dental solutions that are in demand. It can very well provide a permanent solution to your missing tooth root without feeling uneasy. But this will give you a natural feel of having your original teeth. This material is made up of titanium that will be screwed by your trusted dentist to your jawbone for the replacement of your missing teeth, and it will act as the tooth root that will hold and anchor your artificial teeth. It may be expensive, but it guarantees stability, durability, and longevity of this material.

  2. Dental Veneers
    Do you have damaged enamel, crooked teeth, chipped teeth, or noticeable gaps in between? This procedure can be the solution for you. Materials are thin shells made of porcelain or composite that give a natural look to the artificial teeth. Dental Veneers cover the frontal surface of the tooth, bonded to the front, changing its unwanted appearance. Dental Veneers can be done with one tooth or three simultaneously, and it usually requires three dental visits to accomplish results.

  3. Dental Crowns
    This procedure is also recommended by the dentist too to resolve damaged teeth or fill gaps in between. Crowns are known as dental caps that are custom made to fit your existing tooth perfectly. The process of this procedure will depend on your trusted dental partner. It can be done in one day or multi-visit. Same-day replacement won’t be needing impressions to send to a laboratory. While the multi-visit, requires a dental impression to be sent to a dental technician to form correct appearance and this process may take three weeks to place a permanent crown correctly. An anesthetic is usually set to numb the area during the procedure. Dental cement will be needed to settle the crown in place.

  4. Dental Whitening
    – also known as teeth bleaching. It’s the procedure that is best to whiten the teeth from discoloration due to excessive drinking of coffee, soda, teeth, and other caffeinated drinks, those conditions that are severely stained by terrible causes of nicotine and other food. This procedure may take more or less than an hour by applying a tooth whitening gel, with heating lamps and 20-minute intervals. A protective plastic barrier is used to keep other parts of the mouth away from the whitening tooth gel. Hence, anyone can do a whitening but must consult your dentist first.”

  5. Dental Bonding
    In this method, the usage of anesthesia is not entirely needed. Material for this is composed of durable plastic that helps cover unwanted dental problems. The dentist will show you a shade guide closest to your natural teeth color and use a drill to remove cavities or decay. Your tooth will be carefully roughened and will be applying a conditioning formula to prepare the tooth for bondage. The bondage will smoothen, molded, polished, and trimmed perfectly like your natural teeth.

  6. Orthodontics
    If you have issues with a bite problem, teeth alignment, or large gaps, this might be the best choice. Orthodontics is not only for kids, but adults seek this option too. Some of the materials used in this procedure are using traditional metal braces method is putting it in front of teeth with brackets and linked wire, there is Invisalign that can also correct imperfections of teeth without using traditional braces. These retainers are removable and lingual braces that are attached at the back of your teeth.

After stating the procedures, you are maybe wondering about the results and efficiency that can give to you. It is best to visit your trusted clinic, consult your dental partner, and know what is highly recommendable to resolve your unwanted dental issues and bring back those gorgeous smiles.


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