Zirconia Crowns vs. Porcelain Crowns

Zirconia and Porcelain are classified as Dental Crowns. Either way, no matter what type of crown, they can restore your damaged teeth and bring back your full confidence. You may feel a little confused with so much information in restoring your gorgeous smile. Remember that they belong in the same family. However, they have different […]

What are the benefits and risks of Zirconia Crown, Costs, and How They are Made?

WHAT IS ZIRCONIA? Zirconia is made of a combination of powdered metal oxide with ceramic content. Zirconia is also made from zirconium, properties of the metal used are similar to Titanium. It is chemically unreactive and the right choice of material to form a dental crown. ZIRCONIA DENTAL CROWN BENEFITS No known patient sensitivities. Solid […]

Types of Dental Crowns & Cost

After detailed examination, study and recommendation. You now decided to get Dental Crowns to bring your gorgeous smile back. The question may ponder next is what type of dental crowns should you be availing and how much will it cost you? In this article, we will help you identify all the different types of Dental […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Crowns

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Crowns One of the best available dental crowns is a cap placed over a tooth that looks like a shape of the tooth and restores the overall appearance of the tooth. It is attached to a tooth with cement, materials used for dental crowns are fabricated. It is an alternative […]

Dental veneers: Procedure, Result, and Cost

To improve a person smile and to achieve a perfect looking teeth Is by undergoing cosmetic dentistry. One of the popular procedure is getting veneers. Dental veneers are thin shells like the cover that resolves tooth imperfection, such as cracked, chipped, stained, misshaped, and significant gaps between teeth. It is made up of composite resin […]

15 Things To Know Before Getting Veneers

A smile creates a good impression and gives an exponential aura to a person. A big part of our smile is the beauty of our teeth. Although restoration and repair of your teeth can be added expenses to your budget, having complete and undamaged teeth is worth investing. Not only will you feel and look […]

What are the types of veneers?

Veneers are among the best solutions for those who have broken or chipped teeth, irregular shapes, teeth that have gaps between discolored teeth, and other dental problems that cause them to lose self-confidence. If you decided to get a veneer, now the next thing to know is the type of veneers suitable for you. Let […]

Do Veneers Ruin Your Real Teeth?

Dental Veneers is one of the known procedures when it comes to beautifying a perfect smile. Although veneers are not a must-have, it’s considered an option. Before deciding on dental treatment, make sure always to study first the procedure and do research or survey in each dental procedure. Perfecting a beautiful smile means spending an […]

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Every person has different dental conditions, options, and choices for cosmetic dental work. Since cosmetic dentistry is in demand, we would like to give you an overview of the different Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures that will resolve your unwanted dental issues and transform it into a head-turner beautiful smile that everyone will adore. Here are the […]

5 Common Dental Procedures and their helpful Benefits

Many people feel more confident and beautiful, having a sparkling, attractive smile with a good set of teeth. However, when they think of dental procedures, they seemed to be overwhelmingly confused. They ponder which method is right for them. At the same time, anxious about the process they have to take. Having enough information about […]